Adoptable Animals

To adopt, or to become pre-approved to adopt future rescues, please email or complete our adoption application and email it to us. The adoption application is not required and some adopters prefer to send us photos of their set ups or discuss adoption criteria over the phone instead of the written application–whatever you prefer! We will adopt out anywhere in the northeast, from Maine to Delaware, and try to assist with transportation. Our most up to date list of adoptable animals can be found here


Sammy was abandoned on a pond on Long Island. He is so friendly (and was so hungry and lonely) that he was swimming up to people and dogs trying to make friends and get a few scraps of food. He’s now extremely bonded to his girlfriend, Nancy, and they need to be adopted together. They will make their new guardians very happy!


Nancy is a lovely young khaki lady who was clearly around people a lot before she was dumped in a pond, because she is very, very social with humans. She now also is deeply in love with Sammy, and the two need to be adopted together. Just get ready for someone to follow you around and supervise all of your chores, especially meal preparation!


Billy and Winnie are super friendly, very young Indian runner ducks. They were raised from day old ducklings by a postal worker who took them home when the person who ordered them did not come to pick up the package. If you’ve always dreamed of ducks who follow you around (who hasn’t?!) then these babies are for you! They could easily be the only ducks in your home, could be introduced to your current flock, or could be adopted into a home already with ducks but kept separate from other ducks–they are game for any situation–the important thing is predator proof housing and unconditional love!


Dill is a sweet, gentle, free spirit. She was rescued at only a few days old from a Tractor Supply store where she had been stuck under the waterer all night long and was freezing cold, drenched, and immobile. Thankfully she made a full recovery and now loves spending her days rooting through the grass and chatting away. She gets a little overwhelmed by too many ducks running around and would love a home with just one or two other ducks, who could become her close friend(s) or mate. Dill is a jumbo pekin and needs to be on a restricted calorie diet to make sure she lives a long and healthy life!


These four young rouen ducks were rescued after being dumped on a pond. The quartet of four handsome boys themselves busy all day long getting in and out of the pool and scurrying around the yard, looking for worms and other delights to snack on! They will provide you with endless entertainment and laughs.


These two are so in love, they need a home where they can dote on each other forever, and not be bothered by others who are, frankly, just jealous! Penny, the pekin, is a jumbo jumbo and is going to need to be put on a diet ASAP! Leonard, the swede, is probably about half her weight, but he still will do anything to protect his girl!


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We are pretty sure these ducks have no idea how CUTE they are, so it is important to remind them every day! You will love tending to this sweet group of friends, comprised of a khaki male (Brownie), a female runner duck (Rose), a khaki female (Tammy), and a female buff duck (Jessie). They are friendly with humans and would be perfect for a first-time duck home as well, as a home with other ducks as long as you have the ability to separate your males as necessary if there’s any fighting. They are looking for a good, predator proofed home where they can spend their days putzing around the yard looking for grubs, and their nights cuddled up dreaming about whatever ducks dream of….


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These babies are so young, we’re not totally sure yet whether they are pekins or call ducks–but either way, they are adorable, sweet, and deserving of a wonderful home! They are just a few weeks old and still cheeping and beeping like the babies they are, and too young to confirm gender yet (which is generally determined based on a ducks’ quacks). But we are pretty sure we hear them saying…. “Are you my mother??” They need lots of love and proper nutrition at this young age, but they will repay you with a life of love and laughs.


Gus and Jake are just two friendly guys looking for a good home! These boys were purchased as babies and then passed around from place to place, but no one wanted to commit to keeping them. They love hanging out with their humans in the yard, looking for worms, and suspiciously watching airplanes that fly overhead. They are jumbo pekins so will need to be on a calorie-controlled diet to ensure they live long, healthy lives.


Lucy and Lana are the loveliest duckling sisters! Still only a few months old, they are extra sweet, affectionate, and adorable. They love splashing in their pool and following each other around all day long. They have been around humans since only a few days old and are very friendly and curious. They would need to be adopted with their brother Harry, to a predator proofed home.


Harry is a young muscovy duckling looking for a good home with his two sisters! All three were rescued after being found as babies without their mother around. The charming trio have been around humans since the very beginning and are friendly, social, and affectionate. They love splashing in mud puddles and being misted with the garden hose, and of course come waddling fast when meals are served! Domestic ducks do not need a pond to thrive, but they do need predator proof enclosures and of course lots of love!


Chuck is a friendly young rooster who was abandoned outside alone–he was so lonely, tired, and hungry that he ran right into his rescuer’s arms and wasn’t hard to catch at all! Chuck would be a great addition to a flock of hens or possibly integrated into a small bachelor flock. He is very friendly with humans and will sit on your lap, enjoying being pet. Must be adopted to a predator proof home where roosters are legal!


Phillip, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are a group of four closely bonded ducks. They are very friendly with people and already trained to go inside their night house each evening! They love hanging out with each other and their human companions in the yard, and chatting about the kinds of things that ducks chat about.


This cool group is made up of a female pekin, two welsh harlequin boys, and a male buff orpington. They love each other lots (they were abandoned together and sticking together is likely what kept them alive) but they are also very friendly with people too, especially if you come bearing food! They would like to spend their days in a good home, splashing in a kiddie pool and napping in the shade. Can you give them that home??


Cholula may look fancy and stand-offish, but she’s actually a very friendly young lady! This pretty girl is looking for a home with chicken friends, but she’s cool with dogs and people too!


Jade was found by our rescuers alone and injured. We got her all fixed up and she has shown her gratitude every single day, always wanting to cuddle up and make those sweet little chicken noises! We promise, she will love you forever if you adopt her and show her the love that she deserves!


This gorgeous group of jumbo pekins are super friendly with humans. They’ve been through a lot together, having been all abandoned on the side of the road together. They will provide you endless entertainment with their cute antics and the sweet duck conversations that they engage in all day long!


These two sweet young jumbo pekins were dumped near a pond, but didn’t even realize that the water was something the could drink or swim in to escape predators. By the time our rescuer rushed out to get them, they were so dehydrated they could barely quack because their throats were so dry. They are very friendly with people, as well as fiercely loyal to each other and always want to be together. As jumbos, they will need to be on a restricted calorie diet, otherwise they will grow too large to be healthy (and will eat you out of house and home!)


These sweet little girls are very sweet, friendly, and just want a safe, loving place to call home!


Minnow and Guppy are two of the smallest domestic ducks we’ve seen! Guppy may be a white campbell while Minnow is a black runner duck. They would be a great addition to a larger flock!


Four beautiful swede ladies were all dumped at the same pond together. There were luckily rescued and looking for a good home where they can stay together!


These lovely boys evaded rescue for quite awhile, and were so hungry they were eating dirt. They are nonetheless surprisingly friendly with people! These boys will entertain you with their long, deep conversations and insightful observations about life!

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